Very bad day today

I got a horrible phone call early this morning from someone I used to work with. A friend of mine, who was stationed in Iraq, was killed yesterday in her sleep when her trailer was hit. SGT Trista Moretti was an amazing person. She had an impact on so many lives in so many places. It's going to be tough for everyone (like me) who can't make it to Jersey to say goodbye. I've been crying off and on all damn day. It seems so unfair. I hate this war and don't agree with it, but I don't think she died in vain. She died for everyone else out there. They fight for each other, not a cause, not their government. That's what I miss about the Army. I miss my comrades.

Trista was hilarious and beautiful and had this great Jersey accent. We used to play word games and gossip and eat lunch together every day. We would laugh all day long while we "worked" haha. I remember when she first got to the unit I told everyone some bitchy chick with an accent was in the office. I didn't like her at first. I was an idiot. After about 2 minutes of actually being around her, though... I had to love her. She just had a birthday, that I forgot... dammit. She was only 27, happily single, living the Army life. She loved being in the Army and I always thought she was crazy. She went to jump school and loved PT... she wanted to leave San Antonio so she could go to a tactical unit. She got her wish and transferred to Alaska and was deployed not long after that. She probably volunteered to go. That's just the type of person she was. She wanted to be useful and she was tough so she knew she had a lot to offer any unit in Iraq. I got to see her before she left, thankfully. Unfortunately, I was dumb and didn't take pictures. I grabbed some from her myspace, though. I feel so bad for her family. I'm lucky enough to have their address so I'm definitely going to write to them and tell them all about what I remember and say goodbye. Probably send some flowers or something too... maybe some hot fries, Trinky loved hot fries and corn nuts... nasty smelly corn nuts. She was supposed to be home by December. We'll miss you Trista. I wish you could have made it home.

** I have removed the pics with other people in them. Sorry to anyone who was in them for not asking permission. I didn't think my blog would get so much attention. I just wanted people to see what kind of person she was and all those pics were so fun. Hopefully, I didn't cause anyone any problems. **

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