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Spring Check-Ups

Over this month I've been getting everyone all caught up on their physicals, immunizations, and dental visits.  Tristan and Brennan met their new pediatrician (as did we) and she's wonderful!!  They give out books and promote other very healthy habits at the doctor's office.  She was excited about our "Saturday's Unplugged" and five plus years of preservative-free cooking (except for bread).  Tristan was in the 37th percentile for height and weight, Brennan was in the 18th.  Tristan had to get 2 shots and he didn't even cry!  He also told everyone we saw after that about getting two shots and not crying.  I finally have real shot records for them!  The pediatrician in Spain, while nice, was a little scattered and probably overbooked so she wasn't the greatest at keeping records.  I had made my own and made sure she filled them out, but it's nice having them in a computerized "official" system so the military doesn't give me much more…

Spring Break 2013

I had a goal this Spring Break to see new parks and to get out and do something (or at least be active at home) every day.  I even made a calendar of events, which covers all of April actually.  If I was at home, I had to be accomplishing a task that I had been putting off, not just the normal laundry and dishes nonsense.  Mission Accomplished!!

MARCH 29th

Josh and I went on a dinner date to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss at the Cheescake Factory thanks to some wonderful friends.  We also went to see a live 90's cover band at an Irish pub... how very appropriate for us!  The kids had a sleepover with our fabulous neighbors and their 3 boys :)  We have some of the most thoughtful, generous friends.  Our anniversary wouldn't have been much of a celebration were it not for them!

MARCH 30th

We packed a lunch and grabbed everyone fairly early to hit up White Plains, the end of the Indian Head Rail Trail, for the opening day of rails-to-trails.  For anyone who doesn't know w…

Goodbye, Bosley

Ever since we expanded the fence line again we've had daily troubles keeping the dogs in our yard.  Today was no exception.  After they got out the first time, they came right back.  Then they got out again and I went down there, found the spot and fixed it... along with a few more spots I thought they might try.  Eventually Charlie came back.  Usually Charlie gets home first since he's younger and taller.  Then there was a knock at the door.  "Do you own a brown beagle that wears this red collar?  He just got hit by a car up by the stop sign" aka, Noah's bus stop.  We walk to it every weekday and people go over 55mph down that road.  I knew then, honestly.  But, I didn't really believe it.

Josh had just gotten home not even 10 minutes before this.  He was still in uniform when he drove up to check it out.  I had to hold down the fort with the kids.  I ran up the driveway to see anyway... a cop car, 3 cars, people standing around.  No one was hurrying.  I saw…