Goodbye, Bosley

Ever since we expanded the fence line again we've had daily troubles keeping the dogs in our yard.  Today was no exception.  After they got out the first time, they came right back.  Then they got out again and I went down there, found the spot and fixed it... along with a few more spots I thought they might try.  Eventually Charlie came back.  Usually Charlie gets home first since he's younger and taller.  Then there was a knock at the door.  "Do you own a brown beagle that wears this red collar?  He just got hit by a car up by the stop sign" aka, Noah's bus stop.  We walk to it every weekday and people go over 55mph down that road.  I knew then, honestly.  But, I didn't really believe it.

Josh had just gotten home not even 10 minutes before this.  He was still in uniform when he drove up to check it out.  I had to hold down the fort with the kids.  I ran up the driveway to see anyway... a cop car, 3 cars, people standing around.  No one was hurrying.  I saw a mound of brown and white fur just laying there by everyones' feet.  I knew again, but I still didn't believe it.  Then the van came back down the hill and Josh lost it when he got out.  I can believe it now.  Bosley is gone.

We got him out of the van and set him down for everyone to see if they wanted.  Charlie had to otherwise he'd never stop looking for Bosley.  He was still soft and warm.  There wasn't any blood.  His boys all pet him.  His buddy sniffed him all over and whined a bit.  We all hugged and cried.  We're still crying.

Josh and I wrapped him up and put him in the shed overnight so we can bury him tomorrow.  I have a major problem accepting death.  I feel like I need to rush outside and make sure he didn't suddenly come back to life.  I'm not going to lie... before i go to bed I'm going to check on my dog and make sure one more time that he's actually dead.  Maybe twice.

We only had Bosley for 5 years, but it seemed like much longer.  He flew to Spain with us.  He lived in three different places with us.  Have we really lived in 3 different places in just 5 years?  I was finally getting back into taking them on walks and jogs, which probably would have curbed his desire to run away all the time.  I have a lot of guilt right now.  Regardless... ok... well... I'm done now.  He was a great dog.  Amazing with kids.  We all loved his quirks and his "never get enough love" attitude.  We're going to miss him a lot.  He was out roaming happy and free.  He died quickly.  He was on his way home to eat scraps of granola and spaghetti off the floor and sleep on his bed by the fireplace.  RIP, Bos.  Here are some of the pictures we've taken over the years.


Sandy said…
So sorry for your loss. I hope he didn't suffer.

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