Spring Check-Ups

Over this month I've been getting everyone all caught up on their physicals, immunizations, and dental visits.  Tristan and Brennan met their new pediatrician (as did we) and she's wonderful!!  They give out books and promote other very healthy habits at the doctor's office.  She was excited about our "Saturday's Unplugged" and five plus years of preservative-free cooking (except for bread).  Tristan was in the 37th percentile for height and weight, Brennan was in the 18th.  Tristan had to get 2 shots and he didn't even cry!  He also told everyone we saw after that about getting two shots and not crying.  I finally have real shot records for them!  The pediatrician in Spain, while nice, was a little scattered and probably overbooked so she wasn't the greatest at keeping records.  I had made my own and made sure she filled them out, but it's nice having them in a computerized "official" system so the military doesn't give me much more grief.

We all met our new family dentist.  It's a little place near us in Southern Maryland called St. Mary's Dental and they have a wonderful, compassionate, highly skilled staff!  Our dentist is the only one in  this little building and she's amazing with children.  All of them were great with our boys.  Josh and I bounced from room to room while the kids got cleaned and x-rayed.  They all have cavities, even Brennan has one.  Guess they inherited my deep stupid molars :/  They were given prizes and a demonstration on proper brushing and flossing.  I learned that soft bristles are best no matter how old you are (and DUH on my part).  No wonder my gum line is so sensitive.  Noah has a cross-bite so braces are going to be in his future.

2013-04-18 13.34.04 2013-04-18 14.35.41

Tristan was having bigger problems than everyone else so he and I went back (and are going back again on Friday) to get him all fixed up.  He's been looking like he had a stroke for the past few hours, poor guy.  He did an awesome job though!  He never cried or acted scared.  Of course, Dr. McCray and Miss Betty made sure he was not even remotely nervous during the procedure so that had a lot to do with it.  We're very happy with this place.

2013-04-23 13.05.03

I'm also getting a check-up.  I haven't been to the dentist for a routine check-up since... the Army made me, and I got out in 2004.  Whatever! I don't take care of myself, I'm a Mom! ;)  As a pact to moi I've promised me to take better care of my body so I'm going to the dentist, and for a regular physical with bloodwork, and the damned girl doctor (whoopeeeeeeeee).  Necessary evils... and not that evil.

Yesterday I successfully completed the 50 pages of paperwork necessary to register Tristan and Brennan for school.  If Brennan gets selected, which he should given our very early registration, he will be going to half-day preschool.  I am not even slightly nervous about this kid being away from me, interacting with others.  He's very congenial and intelligent and adaptable so it shouldn't be an issue for him.  Next Mommy is going to finish registering for her school.  When I started doing it back in February it was too early to get in for Fall Semester, but now I should be a-ok.

Other than all that we've still been working on random things in our big beautiful wooded yard.  Of note: Josh built me a huge compost bin and I've already filled about 1/3rd of it.  I need more green matter, which won't be difficult given all this rain and rapid grass growth we've been experiencing.  Just gotta get back out there with my big scissors and cut cut cut.  We burned a few piles of dried out limbs we had cut and piled up last year.  I've been studying up on my gardening a whole lot so that next year I will be prepared to expand.  The boys found lots of new Spring critters, including 2 kinds of snakes, 2 kinds of lizards, bees & butterflies galore, caterpillars & spiders everywhere, and plenty of birds to eat them all.

The boys have been doing a lot of bike riding since they found this little ramp behind the shed.  That's right, down the huge driveway and onto the ramp, sometimes slamming into the garage.  Yes, my heart about explodes when I watch, but I don't stop them.  They're careful.  Plus, it's so hard to get Tristan to try new things or take and risks or get dirty so I welcome every opportunity with open arms.

20130413 18906

He's been super awesome lately though, very grown-up.  In fact he's gotten picky about his reading materials, claiming Mo Willems is for babies.  I had to get him a book about exploding cows to appease his big boy sensibilities.

20130423 10661

Brennan still spends his days pretending to be some animal or another, real or imaginary.  I had a fun little bunny with me the other day.

20130419 10674 20130419 10672

He loves the Mo Willems books and makes me read them all the time.  We get one new one a week.  I'm glad he's written so many!  Now the temperatures have dropped a little again and we're out of "free projects" to complete so we're biding our time.  Soon enough we'll be back out there with our shovels.

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