Back from Ohio

Our visit to Ohio went very smoothly. We've been blessed with children that travel very well... or maybe they travel so well because they've been doing it their entire lives. Whatever the reason, they're angels :) Tristan was amazing. He's the most mellow, obedient two year old I've ever known. Sure he whines and is clingy, but that makes for an easy 8hr flight. He was perfectly content to just sit there with me and his blanket. I brought gads of toys and never got one out on the flight there or the flight back. He watched movies without sound and just sat there. Brennan simply wanted to eat and maybe jabber a bit at a human for entertainment. He wasn't too picky about which human to babble at and most of the neighboring passengers were pleased with the attention. I hardly took any pics with my camera. The nice thing about my family is that everyone takes pictures so I don't have to!

My Aunt Vita was doing really well when I got out there and has since been sent home for awhile. We had a great visit, but I didn't want to leave. I finally got to meet my cousin's baby girl Penny whom I have been reading about since she was still camped out in-utero, making trouble. She's stinkin' ADORABLE! Her and Brennan happen to suck the same fingers... good luck trying to get a picture of it though haha :)

I really wanted to spend more time out there with all of them, but it just didn't work out. From where I was staying it's a 4 hour drive to my Aunt's so it's not the easiest trip to make with a breast-feeding infant... or any infant, really. Aunt V, Sandy & Amanda I hope you know you have my total support. I might not be there, but I will help in any way possible! I have skype now! I'll add you guys and our babies can chat ;) I am so glad I was able to see Aunt Vita again, and in such high spirits. She was gracious enough to allow us to snap a few photos even though she hates getting her picture taken right now. I think she looks good... maybe not as good as she used to look, but she still looks like my Aunt Vita and that's good :) I will treasure these pictures I have of her with Brennan and I'm sure Sandy feels the same about all the pics of Penny with her Grandma. So, thank you for letting us take your pic, Aunt V :)

Brennan is doing well. I stopped drinking my one cup of coffee a day and my supply finally caught up to his appetite. No more coffee for me! I took him back off cereal for a bit because I just didn't feel like he was ready. He seemed a little crampy afterwards. I'll give it a shot again this month... probably soon. His bottom 2 teeth are breaking through... maybe that's why he was fussy and it had nothing to do with the cereal. He shoves both fists in his mouth and drools incessantly like a good teething baby should :) He is such a wonderful baby. He is constantly smiling and makes eye contact with everyone who talks to him. He makes people feel special hehe :)

Tristan had a wonderful time with all of his cousins, aunts, and uncles and is in love with every single one of them. He would wail if anyone left, but especially any of the boys. Oh wait he also did it to Aunt Vita... and Aunt Pam... oh nevermind he did it to everyone at one point I'm sure lol. He turned 2 the day of the Browns game so everyone was there. We had an ice cream cake and fun times were had by all :) I think we're still going to do a little something with just us since Josh and Noah weren't around for the celebration. We played a lot of "Cornhole", which is a popular game in Ohio right now. Fun game with an awful name.

I was lucky enough to see Jake, Micah, and Eric play some soccer. They're all very good. I was glad I got to go see their games. I miss being around family. I hate leaving, but I was ready to go. I missed Josh and Noah a lot. Spain feels like home to me already just because we're all here I think. Well... almost all of us. Hopefully now that I'm back we can get our last family member this weekend. I am making the arrangements for Bosley today once the east coast is open for business.

Everyone has a little cold and I can't blame it on Ohio because Noah was sick when we got back. Who knows where these colds come from. Luckily it's just a little stuffy nose. Though, I am betting they're all going to catch the other's cold next week to ensure an extra lengthy illness-filled month while Josh is gone. Oh well. What can you do? I kept Noah home from school yesterday because he has a bad cough, but I doubt it helped him much. Wouldn't you know... the one day he's home happens to be picture day so he's not going to be in the group shot. I was kinda annoyed when I figured it out, but stuff happens. I am going to try oil of oregano. A friend swears by it... apparently it prevents and kills illness. I'm all for herbal remedies! Now... to get some groceries!

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