Ready to Go!

Noah is so excited about school tomorrow. I hope his first day goes well. He picked out his outfit, packed his lunch with Daddy, did his homework with Mommy. He is ready. I think I am too. We're leaving by 8am (let's hope). This will be a bit of a strain since normally no one is even up until 8. It's going to be even MORE fun after I get back from Ohio and have to walk Noah to the bus stop every morning with Brennan and Tristan... getting him there by 7:47 (weird time, I know)... did I mention we don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood? I suppose "rich folk" don't need to do any of that fancy walking nonsense. We have large dirt shoulders, which I am pretty sure the stroller will fit onto, but that's it. Seems to be the trend around here to walk on the road :/ It's not like this in any other neighborhood! Oh well.

::update:: here's his first homework. He was supposed to draw what he wants to learn this year. How to read & how to count in Spanish. While he was drawing himself he got suddenly exasperated when he realized he had forgotten his belly button!


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