Ready to Go!

Noah is so excited about school tomorrow. I hope his first day goes well. He picked out his outfit, packed his lunch with Daddy, did his homework with Mommy. He is ready. I think I am too. We're leaving by 8am (let's hope). This will be a bit of a strain since normally no one is even up until 8. It's going to be even MORE fun after I get back from Ohio and have to walk Noah to the bus stop every morning with Brennan and Tristan... getting him there by 7:47 (weird time, I know)... did I mention we don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood? I suppose "rich folk" don't need to do any of that fancy walking nonsense. We have large dirt shoulders, which I am pretty sure the stroller will fit onto, but that's it. Seems to be the trend around here to walk on the road :/ It's not like this in any other neighborhood! Oh well.

::update:: here's his first homework. He was supposed to draw what he wants to learn this year. How to read & how to count in Spanish. While he was drawing himself he got suddenly exasperated when he realized he had forgotten his belly button!


Britni said…
He had homework before he een started school?!

I hope his 1st day goes well! He must be so pumped! I know Ava will just love it once the time comes :) I love how your new page has your time in Spain listed on the side bar, very's the middle of the night there for you guys, weird! Good luck tomorrow! sniff sniff
Allie said…
It was just a little assignment. He had to draw a picture of what he wanted to learn in school this year. He drew himself sitting on the floor reading a book, and wrote out 1-10 on top. He wants to learn his numbers and alphabet in Spanish and how to read.
KM said…
Too awesome. He looks sharp, Allie. Not often that you're gonna get those boys excited for school if my guess is is sometimes another matter. I suspect it will be too slow for Noah and his siblings. (Siblings instead of brothers, because one of these days you need to have a little girl.) hehe
Britni said…
I love the drawing!! Can't forget that belly button!! (Great job with drawing numbers Noah!)
Amalia said…
That is so cute. He is such a smart boy.

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