We're Still Alive! haha

I know I haven't been really good at updating lately. Sorry everyone!

Here's a visual of Noah's bed/clubhouse on the floor. This was Noah yesterday morning. I woke up an hour before everyone else did. It was nice and quiet. Great for coffee drinking :)

Shortly after that Josh woke up and we had our coffee together and he went off to work. Tristan was upstairs just jabbering away in the port-a-crib. I went in to get him and his entire left side was soaked in... whatever fluids leaked out of his diaper EWWW! He got a bath. He loves baths because he loves being naked.

We've been having a lot of fun during the day. I noticed Noah's behavior was getting out of control and I realized it was due to lack of personal attention. Josh and I make sure we spend quality alone time with Noah every day and he's been MUCH better. He's back to his old self. Poor Noah-Boah. We bought him 7 new dinosaur puzzles from Michael's because they were on clearance for 50 cents and he was in heaven yesterday.

Everything is steadily moving with the house. We expect to close by February 6th. All the repairs are getting done, but the cost continues to build and build. Funny... I lived in the house for 5 years and NONE of the "issues" ever became a problem. Our garage doors are crap and might need replaced (at about $300 each) and I am waiting to hear about the HVAC system :/ I just want to get rid of the house so we can pay off our debts and be done with it. We filed our taxes already and are looking forward to the return, but it's not going to come in time. We'll figure something out. If we didn't have to make another mortgage payment we'd be ok. Now... I could just not make it since we're probably closing on the 6th and I would get it all back anyway, but I don't want to leave on a bad note, you know? I have faith that the money will arrive and everything will be fine. We're waiting on the insurance check to come back. Josh will also get his travel pay sometime soon and that will help. This is not a cry for help, guys... just... a mild venting. If I really think we need help I will be sure to start begging haha. At least we KNOW we will be getting money soon... it's just finding the money now to fix the money-maker that's causing the stress. Let's leave on a positive note, shall we? Here's Tristan baby babbling for everyone's enjoyment.

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