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ok well like Brit said Blogger is being a butthead so... check tomorrow

Also I'd like to mention that my Husband STILL isn't home. He left at 1:30pm. It is now 10pm. Yes, it's Sunday (his day off). However, he's at the barracks watching the trainees clean-up for some big-wig coming through on TUESDAY. So why not do this on Monday? Because that would make sense and that's just not the Army way. We have yet to have a weekend where they don't call him in, in uniform, to do some stupid task. He hasn't eaten all day, poor thing. I hate training bases.

**UPDATE** Josh finally was released at around 10:15. He came home and ate, watched some TV with me, and finally fell asleep around 2... he woke up at 4:30 this morning. He's gotta be miserable.

The blogger server is still being weird so I had to upload one picture at a time, but here they are :)

Tristan got a new sippy! I got him one that feels more like a bottle so that he would be more likely to suck instead of gnaw on it. He makes some pretty funny faces when he tastes water.

Noah was low-crawling in the front yard the other day while we were waiting for them to deliver our new coffee tables. He kept telling me to take pictures, but never stood still long enough for me to actually get a decent shot. He loves pretending he's swimming in the water near a pirate ship... or running from T-Rex... sometimes hunting T-Rex.

Tristan is not a big fan of just plain cereal anymore. He gets bored with it and refuses to eat another bite. I got him some baby food to see if he would eat that instead. HUGE HIT! I mix fruit in with the cereal for his breakfast.

He ate the entire container of the sweet potatoes and corn (Noah's old favorite). Although to be fair at least 1/3 of the container ended up on his face or clothes. He really loves baby food! He, like Noah, is not too fond of apples or any blend with apples in it. I think they're sour to him. It's going to be rough trying to find food without apples! Hopefully he'll get used to it in a few weeks. Noah eventually did.

Tristan's still trying to crawl. He dives all over the place and can get to his destination really quickly. Now he will focus on objects well out of his reach and lunge at them while blowing spit bubbles and humming. I think he's trying to communicate "pppplease just let me chew on the remote!". He's so much fun :) Last night he woke up at 1, and despite our better judgment, Josh and I kept him up for awhile so we could play with him. He kept smiling and grabbing Josh's face. He's so in love with Daddy, which makes Daddy feel great.

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