Augusta Canal Part 1 : The Enterprise Mill

The weather looks like it's going to stay nice the rest of the week so I think we're going to explore the Augusta Canal. Today we took a little tour of the Enterprise Mill. It was so odd walking in here because there are businesses all over the bottom floor. Law firms, sprint, Boy Scouts of America, and others are nestled in the old mill among the machinery and chipping paint. The 2nd and 3rd floor is home to apartments! Noah was sure to turn every knob, flip every switch, and pull every lever on the old machinery in the hallways. It was a pretty cool place. I like how they incorporated the modern, but still kept the integrity and history of the Mill.

Outside there was a little walking path along the Savannah River and access to the boat tour (which I think we would have taken if anyone had been there). You could see the Granite Company and the Butt Bridge (yes it is actually called the Butt Bridge) from the path so I snapped a few shots. There weren't many places to go and some young construction workers were making me nervous because they kept staring at me and waving. Then they started following me. HELLOOOOO!!!! I have 2 kids in tow, a baseball hat on, a scungy tee-shirt, and wedding rings on my fingers. What the heck. Maybe I am flattering myself and they just wanted to tell me something.

We went back into the Mill and went down a few more hallways, found some more random machinery, and then headed back out to the car. This time we went out a different way and I'm glad because the entry-way was quite interesting. Noah ran back and forth from bench to bench and gazed out the windows. He was impressed with how high the ceiling was. He kept telling me "2 more minutes. have to sit down for a little bit". We finally went out to a fantastic surprise.

Right as we were coming out you could hear train whistles. Augusta still has a lot of active railroads so I wasn't too surprised. However, the train got louder and louder. Alongside the road were train tracks and I was hoping the train would come right to us. It did! Noah was uber excited and couldn't stop yelling CHOO CHOO as he danced around the sidewalk and the lawn. I'm pretty sure the conductor got a kick out of him. I saw him wave at us :)

And so concludes day one of our exploration of the Augusta Canal. Tune in tomorrow when we shall explore.... Eisenhower Park. I'm not positive because it's downtown and it's a little shady out there, but we shall see. We drove through the projects to get to the Mill. Josh is gonna FREAK! I say that just because someone is poor doesn't mean they're violent, but you know... statistics and whatnot. That's why I always bring a $20. Generally speaking $20 is enough to make someone go away, but not too much to really anger you for losing it.
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