One Last Thing Before Bed... OK make that 10

I filled Noah's Easter basket tonight. As I was cleaning everything up I glanced over at his coloring book and saw this.

Note what the heading says. I didn't read this to him and we've never done a page like this before. This could be a coincidence, surely... but as soon as I saw it I though "holy crap did he read what it said?!". Probably not, but I'd like to think that he did :) I plan to ask him tomorrow if he knows what the words are.

Josh's soccer game was canceled on account of rain so we hung out and played like a family. It was glorious. I cleaned Noah's room today so we had plenty of space to bond. Josh built Noah a playhouse out of the big blocks and Noah decided it was a cat house. He was pretending to be a cat until we went to the store. He never broke character, never talked, never walked. He's been shocking me quite a bit lately. Earlier today he was beating the crap out of his Spiderman punching balloon and he suddenly stopped and said "oooh I love this thing" and kissed it hahaha. OMG he's such a crazy kid :) He wanted me to draw a picture of Elmo and Cookie Monster playing a soccer game today. Here are Noah's new favorite phrases.
"Two more minutes!"
"Oh that was a close one. I neber do that again!"
"Just wait. Wait" ::and he sticks his little hand up::
"I love baby brother. His name Chichen. He loves me." (he laughs the whole time)
Every once in awhile he'll throw out a "beautiful" or "amazing" and other randomness. He's starting to pronounce his "F's" a lot better.

Tristan was sitting on Noah's floor, grabbing at toys and looking around for a good 10 or 15 minutes without falling. He would have gone longer, but I couldn't stand not cuddling him because he was so darn cute. He also grabbed Noah's table and stood there gnawing on it for a few seconds, without support. What is with this kid! He's also finally cutting his bottom teeth and he does NOT like it. I bought some baby orajel today and that seemed to help a little. He lets his poor slobbery mouth hang open with this sad look on his face. It's the bottom left one, but it looks like the right one is coming in as well not too long from now.

Good news! Josh has been excused from all extracurriculars this week since he'll be leaving for a month!!! That means he will leave at 4 and be home by 5 now (instead of 7 or 9). YAY! I've got a lot to do before we leave. I'm starting to get 2nd thoughts because of Tristan's teeth. Hopefully it won't be too rough a trip. I might end up waiting until Josh gets back and then have us both go out there. I hate to disappoint everyone though. I don't know. We'll see how Tristan does over the next few days.

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