Trying to Catch Up!

OK so... we have all been doing just swell over here. Our lovely neighbors gave us their old king size mattress and box-spring yesterday. There isn't anything wrong with it, they just wanted a new one. THANK YOU, GUYS!!! The only downside is having to get everything else king-sized to go with it... bed frame, head board, foot board, sheets, pillows, comforter. But, that's all worth it just to have all the extra room in bed! I didn't get elbowed at all last night :D Now we have a spare queen mattress and box spring that's just hanging out in our closet, perfect for floor-sleeping if need be. Our neighbors also love Halloween and decorated the crap out of our front yards. I think it looks awesome!!

Tristan has been walking really well and is starting to prove that he knows how his little world works. He will put sunglasses on his eyes, clothes in laundry baskets, hats on his head, arms through shirt sleeves... he tries to put socks on his feet too, but it's not happening yet. It's nice to finally be able to let him play outside in the grass!! Now that he can walk we spend a whole lot more time outside. I took the boys to the swamp again the other day and let Tristan get out of the stroller to explore his world. He was thrilled to sit on a bench with his big brother and enjoy a snack by the duck pond... which happened to be completely void of ducks somehow. I let him out again so that he could walk across the bridge and look down into the water and I swear his head nearly exploded he was so excited! It's nice that he has a fear of gravity now because I didn't have to have a heart attack while he was peering over the bridge... plus Moms have great grips ;)

Noah is becoming even more independent, which I didn't know was possible. He suddenly has a keen fashion sense and manages to match his clothes every day. His new fascination is with mixing colors together. His favorite medium is wet chalk. If you've never let a kid play with chalk in a puddle you're really missing out. It makes a huge mess, but the chalk is like paint when it gets wet... only it dries like chalk, which is a lot easier to wash out :) Noah "painted" each of us a picture on the back porch and was covered in rainbow goo. Tristan had a fun time as well, but he mostly wanted to eat the chalk. I filled the chalk bucket with water and let him splash his little heart out. He was soaked, filthy, and covered in sand... and oh so happy. Noah's also really into building clubhouses and filling them with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. Right now the rocking chair in Tristan's room is a makeshift tent for his stuffed dinosaurs, who are all tucked in for the night. His new favorite phrase is "I don't like this house" because... he does like it and he thinks it's funny to say the opposite just to get me to react (or so I surmised).

My pregnancy is going very well (now). I am finally more energetic and not nauseated all the time!! :D I actually am able to do housework, go to the store, and play with the kids all in one day. In fact, that's exactly what I did today :) I have been trying to scan the sonogram pictures, but for some reason once I accept the scan my photoshop shuts down and I lose the pic. ARGHHH!!! I guess I should try scanning to another program... or maybe I will be really lazy and take a picture of the pictures haha. If I don't get motivated to do something soon you will all just have to wait until the 25th, which is when my next appointment is. There are sonogram machines in the OB check-up rooms at our hospital so we get to see the baby every visit :) I'm gaining weight and starting to blubb up... yay. It's all pretty normal.

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