I've been looking to buy me some odorless cocoa butter so I can stop smelling like a Hawaiian hooker. However, though I know it exists... it is not at my local Target. This proves to be a problem since I pretty much don't shop anywhere else. I hate Walmart. It makes me a little sick when I walk in there. I don't like seeing all the herds of fat people who beat their kids and don't wear shirts. It's especially bad here in Texas. I've heard people say they hate Target and love Walmart and I noticed these are usually people I don't respect or view as intelligent anyway. If you are a Walmart shopper and believe that you are in fact intelligent and respectable I guess I'm wrong... or you're just kidding yourself (hahahaha). Sigh. Really I don't hold anything against people who shop at Walmart, I just noticed it's a different kind of crowd here. Not my kind of crowd. Too too frustrating with all the elbows and shopping carts and body odor and screaming kids and swearing parents. Though, I am boiling eggs and don't even know how long that takes so how intelligent can I really be. Intelligent enough to look it up online, I suppose. I can't get enough eggs lately. These ones are destined for my salad. Mmmmm. OK done.
Nope changed my mind. I'm gonna make me some deviled eggs. Oh Lordy. Drooool.

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