all good things must come to an end sometime

We only got 3 hours of sleep last night. I can't imagine how much that sucks for Josh. We dropped Noah off at daycare this morning. I didn't watch him say goodbye. I was having enough trouble. Then I dropped Josh off at the airport and drove straight to work. I did pretty well all day (besides daycare and the airport and the drive to work). Then I come home and there's his hat. So, being the idiot that I am I took a big whiff and I've been bawling ever since. The bed smells like Josh, his clothes are scattered around, his handwriting is everywhere... there's little remnants of him all over our house. I am not as used to this as I thought. I'll be okay, though. I just need a little more time and some sleep. Then I can get back into my rut and everything will be fine. I really want him to call, but I know he would if he could. Only 5 more months.

Let the countdown begin... again.

Oh, then to add to the greatness of my day I got a freakin jury summons and Noah is sick. At least work went fast. I just want to cry myself to sleep and get back into my routine. But, I really liked the one with him in it. OK... enough.
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