Nuestra Casa :D

We found our house!! The picture is a link to all the info on it (you can change the language to English at the top of the page I think). We met with our landlord today and he's a really great guy and speaks English pretty well. Between his English and my Spanish we're a perfectly bilingual human ;) I took a few pics with the nice camera, but don't know yet about uploading. The house has a big yard and a pool. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a 2 car garage, and tons of flowers and fruit trees to make everything smell wonderful :) They're remodeling the kitchen, master bathroom, and the garage right now so we can't actually move in until mid-July. Since none of us wanted to live in a hotel for another month we've moved into an "aparthotel". For less than our hotel costs we're renting a furnished 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, cable, and a living room. Unfortunately the internet is not free so don't expect to hear much from us for the next month or so. I'm not too keen on paying over $100 a week for internet :O I will be back soon and when I am I'll have plenty of pictures and stories to share about this exciting transition.
ALSO Brennan is smiling a lot now and sleeping at least 7 hours at night. I will try to get a smiling pic and upload it ASAP as well. Tristan and Noah are fine as always and enjoying staying up a lot later here :)


Anonymous said…
The house looks wonderful and I am very happy you found one so soon! $100 a week for Internet -- OUCH! Hug each other for us and enjoy your adventure. We love you all so very much!

Grandma and Grandpa N.
Michelle said…
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Michelle said…
Wow, Allie..that is AWESOME!!! What a perfect "dream home"...LUCKY GIRL. I thought about you all day yesterday for your birthday. I hope that you had a lovely day and that you did something fun :)
Anonymous said…
Goodness girl, your soon to be home is absoloutely gorgeous! It's great to hear that all is great, and gthe kids are dong fine. where will hubby be working? Emb? Oh, and happy father's day to Josh. Take care, your friend, Sandy.
Anonymous said…
You have done well---did anyone expect any less---congrats!!! Belated b'day greetings extended also. JET from GC

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