No Longer Quarantined!

We had a sudden bout of the stomach flu at our house recently. Luckily, Josh was mostly spared because he left for the last few days of his TDY and then came back once we were no longer contagious. I did a lot of laundry and carpet cleaning... not a fun time when you're fighting off nausea yourself. But, I will say it wasn't the most horrible time I've had with illness as a Mom. Couch cushions, carpeting, pillows, blankets, bathroom floors, towels, clothes, and tiny sick bodies were covered in either poop or puke for 4 days... from one or the other. The boys are both still a little sick, but we're mostly recovered now. We're eating solid foods again! :D Still no milk, but we'll get there soon I'm sure. I wasn't as sick as the kids, never threw up (thank you God!!). I just had a slight fever and nausea... one really rough night, but it worked out since I was up every 2 hours for Noah... poor kid. He was a mess :( So... anyway... that was our week, basically. We spent some time outside before the cold front and rain came in again (which will be tomorrow). It's been fantastic weather here and we're looking forward to even more fantastic weather once we get past the next few rainy days.

I had my 32 week appointment and everything looks great. The baby's head and all other important pieces are measuring out just fine. She was happy with my sugar results, but wants me to continue to check my glucose levels for 3 more weeks. She also recommended I get checked for diabetes yearly. I am fine with that... sounds like a great idea. I love my doctor. This is the first time I've had a military doctor that remembers me when I come in, is happy to see me (and the boys), and doesn't treat me like some kind of idiot.

Our little Tristan is 18 months old today :/ Bittersweet moment for me. I guess I think of 18mos as a true toddler... no more baby stage. He is getting all 4 of his eye teeth in right now and starting to cut his 2yr old molars. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, but that probably has a lot to do with his recent whininess and discomfort. He also has been sleeping really really well, which makes me think he's entering a growth spurt. He still isn't saying a single word. Noah wasn't either yet. He understands everything we say, but still no talking. He is an ornery little guy and very hard to discipline. Just too dang cute for his own good! He's not as chunky as Noah was at this age. Tristan already has a little neck! He's growing way too fast. I'm so glad I'm having another baby soon. As hard as it's going to be with Tristan whining at my ankles all the time, I think I need a tiny pink newborn :)

Josh is home from his TDY now!! As soon as he got back they had him scheduled for all kinds of appointments in preparation for the big move to Spain. Noah will be enrolled in a private school (paid for by the good ol' USA)... they have to interview us and everything. It's an English-speaking school and he's SO excited. I showed him the paperwork for his "big kid school" and he freaked out and was dancing all around. All day today he was packing his backpack and making shopping plans for necessary school supplies and (believe it or not) new clothes. He's also been practicing his soccer moves so he can impress his new Spanish friends.

Bosley will NOT have to be quarantined at all so that's a lot less stress on our poor beagle. All we need is proof of a rabies vaccine and he's good to go. Josh has put in for his PCS leave. He's taking all of April off... anyone who wants to visit, April would be the month to do it! We're also thinking of taking a trip or two to visit some family. Nothing is set in stone yet. Whatever we do it's not going to be longer than an 8 hour drive. Even 8 hours is pushing it for me. I am too pregnant to be traveling that far... and I don't feel like it :P

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