I think today is a good day for nest-building ;)

I woke up at 6:15 to empty my bladder, which seems so small lately... can't go back to sleep. All I can think about is doing laundry, touring the hospital, picking a name, labor, getting the bassinet back out... YAY! Honestly I was worried for awhile there because none of my normal racing thoughts had kicked in yet! I am trying my hardest to just relax and wait so as not to awaken the entire house, but I want to CLEAN! I'm so glad there is a nesting instinct otherwise my house would look like total crap when the baby arrives. The pains of pregnancy are not motivators for cleaning to be sure. Yeah sure Josh could clean, but he'd clean like a guy (bless his heart for helping regardless). Guess I can kill time with a blog! This huge rainbow appeared right before sunset after an entire day of thunderstorms (haircut day). It was a nice treat :)

Yesterday Noah and Josh woke up early to take his car in for some new rims (an early b-day present). They went out to breakfast and Josh took Noah to WalMart and bought him a few little cars, one of which looked an awful lot like Daddy's car that Noah found himself. The coolest one changes colors and Noah soaked a few hand towels enjoying the miracle. Tristan slept until 10am for me and then we just kinda hung out and had a leisurely breakfast. He's becoming a master with the fork and spoon. I still can't tell if he's right or left handed... he switches during meals. Maybe he'll be ambidextrous!

After that we all went down to the Augusta Canal again by the Riverwalk and Amphitheater. It was actually pretty cold thanks to the wind. At one point I thought I was going to get blown over! Noah thought it was the greatest thing ever, of course. Tristan was perfectly content to stay in the carrier and point at ducks and seagulls. He also did a whole lot of giggling as usual :)
Noah's awake now. I think that's enough to at least clean the kitchen. Awwww look at him with his little shaved head and big baggy footie PJ's :) hehehe... "Mommy, I was going pee. Can I have a cereal bar?"... OK haha.

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