Sorry for My Laziness

It's not that nothing has been going on lately. It's just that I have had little to no desire to get on the computer! We've been thoroughly enjoying our nights out on the town (thanks to Adriana)... and even a few days out shopping. This place inspires me to live my life and be happy. I love it. I love the culture, the food, the people, the clothes. I fit in so nicely here. Now I fit in even better because I broke down and went shopping for myself over the weekend. It's different here. No one glares at you when you go out. They look for a second, usually just to see what you're wearing, and that's it. They don't gossip and roll eyes or whistle or gawk. Well in all honesty they probably do, but I can't hear them so ignorance is bliss ;) It's just liberating to not feel like you're the center of attention if you wear something nice. Everyone out here dresses like rock stars... from the 80's, but still rockin' lol.

Josh and I spent a good 7 hours out at the mall, looking for deals. We found so much!! We went all out... accessories, purses, heels, skirts, shorts, slacks, jeans, earrings, even a hat ;) I came home with bags and bags of items that could be mixed and matched, all cool for the summer. Adriana was so proud of me hahaha. I even want to paint my nails and be girly... what's up with that?! I think it has a lot to do with having to throw out all my summer clothes from last year because they were 4 sizes too big. How did that happen?! I really think it's the lack of stress here. That and we've been eating really healthy and going on walks. I'm happy and thin again.

Josh is building muscle, losing weight and also happy. He just had his last soccer game of the season and scored 2 of the winning 8 goals, assisted on 3 of the other 5. His job just changed a bit and though there will be a few growing pains over the next couple months he's looking forward to the change. I'm proud of my man. He's been awesome lately and I have no complaints whatsoever. He takes really good care of all of us, spends quality time with me and the kids, fixes things around the house, even helps clean :) His biggest job lately has been trying to get the pool clean and ready for swimming. So far, so good! It went from dark green to cloudy blue, now we just have to get the "cloud" out. Yes... we're still riding our "love wave" and I don't see an end in sight! We went to a great jazz bar the other night and were doing the newlywed gaze into each others eyes. It's pathetic, I know hehehe. Sigh. Oh I am just loving my life right now. OK... The kids... where to begin :)

Noah is doing great in school. He got all green faces in May and still hasn't gotten an orange face for June. He just has to make it to the 23rd. They go really late into the year here, but it's because the kids have so many 4-day weekends to make up for after celebrating Spanish and American holidays all year round. He is still not reading well and I suppose that's our own fault since we don't push him to try harder or read with him more. He's not that interested. He has found a new interest, though... biology (YAY). He asks all kinds of questions about how the body works and brought home a human body pop-up book from the library. It was pretty cool :) He is taking more responsibility and has been acting a lot older and more calm lately. I don't know what happened but he's suddenly such a big boy. He still has his wild and crazy moments, but I don't mind too much because at least he waits until he gets home from school! Noah has entered his "gross boy" stage where he makes lame poop and butt jokes. He calls his boy parts "peanuts" because he thinks it's much funnier than pee-pee. I don't know where he came up with that, but it sounds suspiciously like the real word that was probably misheard by his innocent 5yr old brain.

Tristan... what can I say. He talks a whole lot. Everything he says, he says at least twice. Everything he says, he says every single day. He is very demanding. Here's a daily conversation I have with Tristan for you all to enjoy:
Mommy I want yogurt, I want yogurt Mommy
We don't have any more, you ate it all
You need to BUY SOME, Mommy, need BUY SOME

Fun!!! He has had a few small victories on the potty, but he's much more interested in running around the backyard naked, peeing on trees. As always his vocabulary is expanding every day and his words are reaching a more "understandable" pronunciation. He also gets himself dressed now! He reminds me very much of myself when I was little (from what I heard). He does a lot of wrestling and teasing and he's competitive and stubborn. I guess you got your wish, Mom ;) His hair's still blond, his eyes still huge and brown, long lashes, crazy hair, and cute crooked smile. He's still our Tristan!

Brennan took a few steps on his own yesterday without us begging and cheering him to do so. I caught him out of the corner of my eye in the living room walking from the coffee table to the entertainment center. That's a good 5 steps! He also walked a bit down the hallway for bath time last night :) He's getting braver! He's been very whiney lately. He's cutting a bottom and top tooth AND got his MMR and chickenpox vaccines so maybe that's why? He just seems unamused with everything. He says "hola" and "hi" and "thank you" and does a lot of jabbering that sounds like real words. He's a fast mover and a fast learner. His new favorite thing to do is put toys away!! :D Hooray for Mommy! He's been practicing going up and down the 2 steps that go from the living to dining rooms and has gotten quite good at it. Next step, getting overconfident and falling :P haha... I just know how boys work ;) He's weighing in at 19lbs, which is still 25th percentile... can't remember what his height was, but I know it was 75th percentile! Brennan is following along at a normal rate. He's going through a growth spurt right now I think... he wants to sleep and eat all day long. I'm glad he can finally chew meat! I am pretty sure he is as well. Also of note he's been trying to drink out of a regular cup and use silverware already. He reminds me so much of Noah!

That's basically it, everyone :) I will try to post once a week again, but I can't make any promises... summer is coming!! ;)
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