new montage


Mark & Britni said…
That's so cute!!!I love it!
I meant to ask you this before but did you go from having Noah sleep in his crib straight to sleeping on the twin matress?Or did you lower his crib rail for a while first?Is there a certain way you're suppose to do it? :)Heidi is going through this with her daughter ,Paris and it is not working so far.She has tried switching straight to a toddler bed...let me in on any wisdom you have about this :)I will need to know soon too!Thanks!
Allie said…
Noah was really excited to get the new bed. I did lower the rails first... and then I even took one of the sides down one time, but he fell out :P He's a tosser! We went straight to a twin because while we were traveling that's all he slept on. That and he's so big.

It might help to bring things from the old crib like the sheets and blankets. Is Paris scared? Does she keep getting out? I may be able to help better. It just depends on why she's not taking to the bed.

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