Happy 4th of July!!! :D

Believe it or not we had a big party out here in Spain for our Independence Day. The Americans hosted the shindig (of course) and everyone from everywhere was invited... Greeks, Italians, Turks, Hungarians, Spaniards, Germans... and probably a few more that I forgot. Everyone joined us to celebrate our nation's birthday (one day early). We got to see our colors and hear our anthem, which always makes me cry a little. We were all decked out in red, white, and blue. I think we represented our country well and had a whole lot of fun doing it! This is the 2nd big party we've gone to already. Last weekend was the international food festival. Every nation brought their most well-known dishes and served the masses (for free). YUM! The base has started "Summer Hours" which means work only lasts from 9-3pm. After the kids get out of school they drop down the working hours so families can spend more time together during the day. I think I like this new job and this country ;)

I didn't bring my camera to the festivities because it's big and expensive and I had 3 boys to keep track of... although Brennan keeps pretty close most of the time ;) hahaha. We had a great time! Noah got his face painted like Spiderman and the clowns twisted up some balloon swords for both Tris and Noah. Noah was even part of the magic show! The magician made three handkerchiefs magically appear in his pockets. Since we got back Noah's been stuffing things in his pockets and pulling them back out with great enthusiasm and insists he's going to be a clown. When we got back we stopped at the OpenCor (it's like a convenience store, but with fresh food and a bakery inside) for some ice cream and picked up a couple little balls to play with outside. I think Josh and I had more fun playing volleyball with our new toys than the boys did. I switched my camera over to take RAW+JPEG so I could finally upload some pics. YAY! :) I haven't taken any of Brennan yet because he was asleep while we were playing. They're uploading to flickr right now so check out the slideshow on the sidebar.

We are still in a hotel for now, but are going to be in our house by July 15th. We also got word that our van will be here probably next week! THANK GOD! The loaner doesn't have a radio or AC and is very small... we love having it though! I can't imagine how I'd remain sane without a vehicle. The metro is great, but not when you have 3 kids to tend to at all times. It's so much nicer to be able to get places on our own accord, on our own schedule. So... we are thankful for the little loaner :) Just wanted to make that clear!!


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