Ye Old Convent

Try as I may, try as I might I just can't get blogger to upload photos onto the blog for me. So, I did a little HTML'ing and made it happen. Unfortunately you can't click on them to make 'em bigger... I am feeling much too lazy to go through all the work of turning them into links through HTML.

We went on a little viaje (trip) yesterday to take pictures of the "Antiguo Convento" (the old convent), which has been turned into a high-end hotel and restaurant. It was quite a sight... didn't go inside, but got some good exercise walking around Boadilla del Monte, taking in the Spanishness of it all :) There were at least 10 storks nesting all over the convent roof and they were equally curious about us as we walked by. Their nests are ginormous! Sundays are pretty dead in every town, but there are always a few bars/cafeterias open for business. People sit outside sipping on their drinks and chat for hours and hours while their kids play soccer by the fountains. Just like in the movies haha ;)

After the daytrip we went home and relaxed for a bit then headed over to a friend's flat for coffee and a bite to eat. Another Heather! Heather's been here 2 and a half years, didn't know any Spanish upon arriving and is now fluent. She's geographically separated from her husband, has her 2 young kids out here, works, attends college... and yet still manages to seem unstressed and happy. She has all Spanish friends, knows all the local people, knows all the local business-owners. Plus her son and Noah get along really well. She's going to give us all the ins and outs of Madrid. I really admire people like her who can just go someplace new, dive right in fearlessly, and thrive. I want to be like that! She inspires me to work harder on Spanish and to get out more and talk to people. Heather's going to be a great influence on me... I just wish she had her days free too so I can pick her brain even more ;)

So... that was our weekend. I'm happy I can at least get the pics onto flickr. I just took more!


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