2 Months Old!

How sad that Brennan's 2mos old blog post has no pictures :P Soon enough! Brennan had his 2 month check-up today. He weighs a whopping 11lbs, 11ozs. She was impressed with his head control skills and his beautiful chub haha :) He also got a few vaccines. I passed on the oral rota-virus because it's really not out here. We did have to get a Menengitis C vaccine (not common in the states) for both Bren and Tris today because apparently there's been a bit of an outbreak here in recent years. So that, pneumonia, and the all-in-one (for polio, DTAP and all that other jazz) was what they stuck my tiny Brennan with today. So far they're both doing just fine. I hate shot day!

Tristan didn't even cry or make the tiniest peep for his shot... it was weird! He got it in his shoulder while sitting on Daddy's lap so that probably helped a lot. Being pinned down on top of a piece of wax paper by some stranger in a white coat is never fun. Tristan weighs roughly 25lbs (squirmy child) and is 33" tall! He's going to have a fun fun time next month for his 2yr check-up when he has to get more shots.

The doctors come to us out here. They show up on the "base" once a month for all the normal stuff. everything else you can call for appointments to be made out in the Spanish world. Tomorrow I have my 6wk check-up and IUD placement, which shall be out in the Spanish world. I'm nervous... I'm always nervous for a Dr. appointment though. Should be oodles of fun :/ OK! Our internet is about to run out so adios!!

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