Los Ninos

I took the opportunity today to snap some pictures of the boys. They were all cooperative and happy :O Can you imagine?! Again if you want to see the bigger versions you'll have to go on flickr. Still not uploading to blogger for some reason.

This outfit has been on all my boys and it's one of my faves. I did Tristan's 2mos photo shoot in it, in fact... well I wasn't in it... he was... oh you know what I mean. So yeah :) Here are my boys! Notice the adorableness that is a newborn baby smile. They are extra special because you have to work pretty hard for them. I still consider him to be a newborn... after 3mos they're officially babies in my opinion.

I've been using the baby carrier religiously (like I always do) and no one has them out here. The looks I get are a combination of either disgust or jealousy. Spanish ladies feel the need to tell me when he's sleeping, if his head is to the side, if his legs "look cold", if his legs hurt him, if he looks uncomfortable, if he's too young, if he's chewing on the front, if his nose is red... you name it. They're driving me crazy. The worst ones are the ladies that walk past and just say to each other "Oh my God! Please...!" like he's dying or something. He's perfectly safe and happy. I wish they'd get over it!
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