My Boys

Brennan just learned how to flip from his front to his back. I doubt he does it on purpose. He's getting the bald ring around his head (Tris had the same). He's also become quite fond of sucking his 2 middle fingers... just like Mommy did. He's a very strong, already pretty vocal, happy-go-lucky guy. He sleeps through the night at least 9 hours and then goes right back down 1 hour later for a 4 hour nap. He eats well and I haven't had any problems in that area yet. I am dreading this month. The 3rd month is rough because of the huge growth spurt. Wish me luck! He's turning 3 months old tomorrow! :O 3 months to me is no longer an infant :/ My little bit is growing up.

Tristan is still not talking. He does a lot of sign language, though. Mostly animals. He loves to sign "fish" while we read him his books. He will pick a book out with pictures of fish in it just so he can do the sign. He will be an early potty train because he's already acting interested. He's even sat on the pot a few times. He grabs his diaper when he has to pee or poo... what a smart guy! He's sleeping in a big boy bed. He and Noah share a room and are loving life.

Noah's turning 5 on August 15th and he reminds us every day. He's been reminding us since May. He insists he's getting a bike and tells everyone that he is. I guess we're getting him a bike! :D He loves the new playroom because everything is on shelves and organized. He must get that from me. He also loves the pool. He learned how to doggy paddle, but still is too scared to take off the floaties, which is nice.

I uploaded (am uploading) videos to youtube of their recent accomplishments. I also finally got the house tour up!


boofyjo said…
So that's what happened this past month!! I knew that there was a growth spurt @ 3 months, but I didn't realize it was a big one.

I'm glad you're back online!
Michelle said…
I watched the video of the boys swimming and the one of Brennan smiling...he's sooo cute! I keep hitting refresh , but haven't been able to see the house tour yet. I hope it pops up soon.

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