Well, everything went very smoothly today. I don't feel even a tiny bit sad about losing my job. I will miss the people, but I have most of them as friends on myspace so whatever haha. Noah's doing well, still not talking! He's getting closer and closer, though. Sometimes I swear he is talking, but he's not speaking English nor Spanish... maybe it's Spanglish haha.

I sorta want Josh to switch jobs and take us back to Monterey, CA with him. I go back and forth on it. If he took Spanish I could help him and there probably wouldn't be that much pressure. Plus he's prior enlisted and won't have to go through all the BS training crap I had to go through. I just don't want to put a lot onto his plate right after Iraq. BUT!!!! If he does go to Monterey he will surely not be going to Iraq for at least another year. Guaranteed. It would just suck if we moved to California and then ended up coming right back here which is pretty likely. But, dang... LOOK AT THIS PLACE!!! Why wouldn't I want to go back?!

Our lives are one big question mark, a few random timeframes and a lot of waiting. We're cool :) I am just looking forward to our roadtrip. I will have to share it with everyone sometime. We're driving up to Kansas to visit Josh's relatives and then over to Ohio to visit mine. Along the way I've plotted many a fun stop, all of which are optional. We will be on our own time. Just the 3 of us. Awesome. Here's a recent Noah picture... it's a bit too bright, but I love it anyway. I've been lazy with the picture-taking recently. I think I was too stressed out waiting to see what was going to happen with my job.

Ahhhh finalization. This picture illustrates my mood. Hey, Brit. You can add this one to your portfolio! ;) hehe just kidding. You took this that one day we skipped school and went to that mansion in Pennsylvania. Fun times fo' sho' back in 1998? maybe '99. Remember the car almost died because we left the lights on? Aaaaand... remember digging for pennies so we could get McDonald's hamburgers? And remember the really creepy guy in the park!!! Dang. Good times. Good times. But, I still hated High School! ;)


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