The weekend was wonderful again... and short. I love having a zoo membership. I think we go almost every single weekend. Animals are great subjects, especially when you add Noah :) I saw this bright red and bright blue dragonfly sitting near the purple lillies and it was a lucky picture. I was also trying out my zoom and figured out that after it's done quick zooming it will still zoom in even MORE! I got a picture of the water droplets on the screen of the sliding door from my dining room table, and it was insanely focused still. I wish I would have known that when I photographed the dragonflies. I will experiment with it more later.

Maybe I should stop doing stupid overtime, it seems to speed the weekends up. Josh's request to switch jobs got denied so he'll be in Germany until June :P We're taking the optimistic approach (which was actually attributed to Joshua)... everything happens for a reason and this must be what is supposed to happen. I can go see Europe if we can afford it. Ummm... I can't remember any other good things, but I know we'll be fine. We love each other too much to have anything else happen. We'll just miss each other for 8 more months. 4 months shy of 3 years apart. Dang... oh yeah, optimism. Uh... we'll get family separation pay and some other extra pay for being in Europe so I probably won't have to work. If I do happen to get in with the new people I can work more and we can save like crazy and pay off the car. There. Optimism.

And, of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!! It's my baby's birthday today and he's had a rough year. He's changed a lot, been through a lot and I am incredibly proud of all he's done. I am not talking about "the Army", I am talking about the person he has become. His values, his goals... who he is. Anyway... he knows. Happy Birthday, Josh. I love you :) See you soon!


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