I bought our tickets today! We'll be leaving December 10th on a NON-STOP flight to Germany and then we come back to the states on January 7th. Both are weekend days so that my peeps can actually take us to the airport. Now I gotta get some passports rushed to us! AHHHHH! I'm so excited :)

Oh and I got 2 tickets for under 1,000 and that's AWESOME!


veets said…
I'm very happy and very sad! haha. That IS awesome. Wow, I need to plan a trip to Europe soon if it's that cheap. Are you going to be able to stay with Josh?
Allie said…
I know :/ He's been talking to people who have housing out there and are coming to the states for the holidays. They need housesitters. There's also a hotel on base. We'll iron out all the details. Right now I have to get the passports haha.
Mark & Britni said…
Yay,that's awsome!!I was wondering what you were going to do about Christmas.That's great that you all can be together and of course that you get to travel,how fun :)
We stayed in Germany when I was a kid,my Aunt use to live there so we visited them while we lived in France.I love Europe,Mark & I hope to bring Ava & the new baby there some day :)Of course you must take lots of pictures(like I need to remind you of that though,haha :)

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