My Joshua

I bought Josh's ticket today. He'll be here on the 8th and he has to leave on the 26th. We thought he was going to get 30 days of leave, but they won't allow more than 20 because they're a bunch of freakin' a-holes. At least he's coming home. After that he's back to Germany until January and then he'll be in Arizona until around June. Then WE... did you catch that? WE WE WE WE WE as in ALL 3 (or 4) OF US will go to California for however long his language classes are :) Of course none of this is set in stone, that's the Army way.

I also had to buy plane tickets for the family reunion because the lack of 10 days cancelled our roadtrip. I bought 4 plane tickets today :P I love family and everything, but I hate that we have to spend all of our time visiting everyone but each other. Here's our "vacation" schedule.

He arrives the 8th
4 days of just us
Leave for Kansas to see his family the 12th
Come back the 16th
2 days of just us
Leave for Ohio to see my family the 19th
Come back the 23rd
3 days of just us
He leaves the 26th

So... where's OUR time?! It's in there :) Hopefully it's enough time to try for another baby. Hopefully it's enough to keep us from stressing out. Thank God I'm not working and thank God he gets to come home. I will remain positive. Maybe I'll even get to go out to visit him in Germany. More likely in Arizona, though. OK, time to put Noah to bed.

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