Fall is Here

These shots are from yesterday.

I love these pictures.

I just can't get over how gorgeous my parents' backyard is right now. I can't wait to see some snow. The cold is annoying at times, but snow is beautifulous... and we have a great sled hill :)

The boys had a great time throwing rocks in the creek today for about an hour. They would have kept going for 10 more if we let them. We also caught a salamander. It was a nice day, chilly but sunny.
Jake was pretending to sleep for us.

I've already taken soooo many pictures. Yesterday we went to Perkin's Park with my dad and got a lot of great shots. Here are my favorites.


Britni said…
It is beautiful there,isn't it?!Our falls here are not as scenic.There just aren't as many trees.I looove the last picture with the hands.Great shot!

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