reunion pictures

This is a great one of the entire Haake clan that was able to attend. My sister Vita and my other sister Janine, her wife and their twins weren't able to make it, but everyone else is pictured.

I don't think I have to explain why I love this pic so much.

Here's some of my favorites of the babies :)
These are Noah's cousins Jacob and Haleigh. They are both 3.


Nerdular said…
OH MY GOD!!! Those are so cute I could die. I can't wait til Thanksgiving now. By the way, someone else wasn't there. *ahem* But it's cool, I know you didn't mean to FORGET ABOUT ME! hehe.

Noah's little Texan butt looks cold in that last pic! Awwwww....
Britni said…
Awww what cute photos!I see your Mom,Michelle & Alex & Caleb,Is Jacob their brother?Caleb is so tall now & Alex is so pretty :)They have really grown up.Thats fun that Noah had some playmates his age!

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