puppet show day

Haleigh and Eric needed a sitter today so their parents could attend a wedding so we got to hang out. I showed them all the fun things we used to do with our big blocks... like, build a house and then have teddy bear wars (you win if you can successfully get all the bears in while the person inside throws them out)... and build a raft from "driftwood" blocks without getting off the blocks during a storm (our waves were represented by a big blue plush velour blanket). We also played a color game, Haleigh (who is three) yelled out the colors and we all had to run to the right square, only one person per square. The best part was the puppet shows. We made a theater with the big blocks and our wave blanket from earlier and everyone did a show. I of course taped them all :) They will be going onto the website eventually... they're HUGE files, though. After that it was time to wind down so we got into our pajamas, made some popcorn and watched Toy Story 2 . We had a great time! Here's a few cute shots.


Mark & Britni said…
They sound like they were very entertained :)Noah looks so grown up in these pictures!

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