Noah update

I realize I haven't posted about Noah in awhile so... here's some of my favorite Noah moments from the past week :)

I thought it would be a good idea to let him try out the feeling of a big boy bed by taking one of the crib walls down. Only problem is that he IS a big boy and he tosses and turns. So, when I went in to check on him before I went to sleep this is how I found him. I set him back in and he lasted until 6am before he fell all the way out of the bed... not too bad. He needs a real bed. I am kinda putting it off since we'll be moving eventually. But, maybe I should after all. HEY! Josh and I can both go pick out a bed! :D

I was making breakfast and I had Dora the Explorer on, which I'm pretty sure every kid loves. I peeked in on Noah and he was curled up in Emma's doggie bed, watching. By time I got the camera he realized I was there and started out.

Emma loves this deflated filthy volleyball and Noah loves teasing her so she'll chase him. She kept nabbing it from him so he put it on top of his head where she couldn't reach it and LAAAAAAUGHED!! He wanted me to take a picture this time. I told him I loved his new hat :)

He cracks me up!
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