late winter :/

The coldest weather is expected Sunday, with a low in the mid- to high 20s.
I guess it was inevitable

More than 300 liver cancer deaths over the past eight years has prompted another study of a possible link to contamination at what was formerly Kelly Air Force Base... Contamination at the former air force base has been blamed for other cancer-related illnesses and Lou Gehrig's Disease.

I was wondering why they were testing our base again. Oh, I feel so safe and secure NOT!!!! A while ago Josh and I brought the strange cancer issues to the attention of my father-in-law who works for the EPA. He then called the guy in charge of the Texas region. I'd like to believe it was us who started the ball rolling on the reinvestigation since we presented him with cancer stats and other abnormalities from people we knew in our buildings. If not, who cares I'm just glad it's finally happening.
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