and so cometh the weekend

YAY! Ahhhh. Thank God and other such expressions of relief and joy. This had to have been one of the slowest weeks EVER! By about noon every day I would get to the anxiety/annoyance level that I am usually spared until 2-ish. I wanted to rip my skin off, but instead I just left for lunch pretty much every day. I'm sure the amazingly nice weather didn't help. Or the not smoking, though I swear I don't really think about it that often... just right now... boredom and burning desire for relaxation. Maybe I will go read a book or something.

Noah's taking a nap. I think I'd rather watch the Big Lebowski again and lay in bed, accomplishing nothing and having a marvelous time doing it... and I believe that's the perfect movie to enjoy while in such a mood :) For those who didn't know it is true that the Dude wrote Sept. 11th on the check and then looked up at George Sr. talking about the first Gulf War on the TV... and the movie came out in 1998. Freaky.


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