Long, Fruitful Day

Today was a long long long day, but fruitful. I got my bullshit pregnancy test done and got my birth control for when Josh comes home in 41 days :) I did a little grocery shopping. I took the old harddrive over to FedEx. I talked to daycare about the excessive sugar parties and they agreed completely and had been investigating it before I even said anything. I made a delicious sammich with rotisserie chicken, feta cheese, organic baby spinach, eggplant and a touch of balsamic vinegar (on the spinach) all on fresh Italian bread... with a huge glass of organic milk. Delicious. I actually went to sleep at 10, woke back up at 1 for Noah and decided to update and check email right quick since I wasn't able to earlier... one hour later, still online :P I'm dumb.

note to self: don't drink Boost before bed or with meals. it'll make you vomit.

PS- EVERYONE: organic milk is sooooo yummy and it lasts longer. It's a lot more expensive, but give it a shot, you may find it worthwhile :) I wish they would make more of these healthier options WIC approved!

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