nap dreams are freakin' weird

Noah and I both took naps today. I drank a little starbucks to try and motivate myself to clean during naptime, but I guess I needed more :P Then I remembered the funnest thing about naps, the dreams.

I dreamt about this blog. I had posted something about Josh and 2 random people responded. One girl, one guy. I was reading them and then suddenly my little brother was here and he heard a plane and wanted to run outside. I jumped up as he ran to the backyard. There was this really really heavy fog all over the place and it was getting thicker. Ben (lil bro) was running across the yard, head up and arms out like jesus watching the plane. The plane was about to crash, trying to navigate really really low through the fog. It just kept circling. I was afraid to talk and was just trying to get Ben back into the house. It looked like the real life version of the plane from Duck Tales, with the huge boat ski thingies on the side. I was really scared. Then I woke up. Planes were flying around outside, Noah was crying. Weird. Wonder what the fog means.

In other news. It's nearly 10pm and I didn't talk to Josh tonight. Last thing he was going to do was a perimeter guard duty. Some Iraqis drove a dumptruck or something (can't remember what kind of truck) through the perimeter gate to knock it down. So, they were on lockdown in full battle rattle. I am not worried. I seldom allow myself to worry about him. Worrying is not healthy and it solves nothing. I am occupied. Very very busy with updating weblogs and answering emails. Now I am off to scrapbook. Busy busy busy.

I wish the phone would ring :P Either the power is out or he's asleep. That's all.


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