Ready For Monday... Almost

Monday is going to be my "big day off", without Noah. I've been trying to get the housecleaning done so that on Monday I really won't have anything "responsible" to take care of (except picking up my bro-in-law from the airport, which is easy since it's only 20 minutes away).

Today I cleaned out my garage. I can actually put the CRV in the garage now :O It's been.... a very very long time since that was possible. I did some laundry too. Noah helped; he had the huge push broom out the entire time, running and laughing with it. Then he found daddy's old soccer ball and proceeded to roll it down the driveway into the street and chase after it. This didn't happen too many times, of course. I was playing goalkeeper with the ball and Noah, trying to keep them out of the street. We had a fun time :) It was COLD! Noah kept his hat on for once.

OH! And Noah got a new wardrobe today as well. I was cleaning out his drawers, taking out the stuff that doesn't fit or isn't the right season... we had about 3 outfits left so it needed done. I got soooo much cutealiciousness. I can't wait to take him out and show him off :) His new skater shoes are adorable. Everything was on sale so I got a lot for not too much, which is always excellent.

Tomorrow I am going to make myself stay awake during naptime (today I accidentally fell asleep on the couch right after I ate). I am going to clean the kitchen and mop the floors. Then on Monday I am going with Amy to get our hair did, maybe have some lunch. Then I think a few of us ladies are going to go have a consultation with Smooth Solutions and see how much it costs. I am highly interested in never shaving ever ever again. Who wouldn't be?!

OK it's bathtime, but this child is nowhere near tired. He is chasing Jellybean (our ferret) around with a tube from the vacuum cleaner. Movie time ;)


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