So, for whatever reason I counted everything but the pennies from "Noah's College Fund" (which is just a plastic canister we put all our change into). I was shocked, we easily have about $100 in change if you add the pennies!!! Now my hands smell like dirty pennies hahaha. I even washed them a couple times. I think I might have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder... what kind of sane person sorts and counts change for fun (hehehe we'll just call it organized).

OK now for the important stuff... Noah's Dr. visit went very well. He only had to get one shot and I considered the nurse's comment "WOW he's strong!" to be a compliment. He's 35" tall, which is above average and he's a little over 27lbs, which is below average. His legs are soooo long (like mommy's). He was such a good boy for the Dr. I really hope we can stay with him. Noah even walked out of the room with him, holding his hand, to go get a sticker. Noah is one of the most shy babies you'll ever see, but he is very at ease with this doctor. Only time will tell (aka the bill).


Britni said…
Noah is tall & skinny like Ava :)Thats good that he likes his Dr.,it makes it so much easier to bring them to the Dr. if they aren't scared of them.Ava likes her Pediatrician too,but she doesn't like the nurse that gives shots,she recognizes her every time!

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