Josh called me and SURPRISE he's already in Germany! :D I was expecting him to be in Kuwait, but I guess he snuck his way onto earlier flights. That means only one more week before my baby comes home. YAY!

We are going to watch a movie and relax. We've been going since 7am. We had to take my friend Kevin to the hospital for a shoulder surgery... then pick him up. I washed the car really really well, did some laundry, dishes. Noah only was able to get a 1hr nap in because we had to go back to the hospital. I haven't been sleeping well for about a week now (gee I wonder why... anticipation, maybe? haha). Maybe we'll take a nice nap on the couch together :)


veets said…
ive been sleeping like total shit so i started taking melatonin. works like a charm.
Mark & Britni said…
Yay,I'm so happy for you guys!I know how excited you are to see your hubby!Sorry about the sleeping problems,I'm sure it is the anticipation!

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