It's Flag Day

One of the little known holidays in Amurrica (W-ism) is Flag Day. I never knew when Flag Day was really, until last year. It just so happens to be Trista's birthday today and her sister pointed out that she was born on Flag Day... which is painfully significant. So Happy Birthday, Trista! I can't believe it's been almost a whole year.

We're doing a little prep work for tomorrow. Josh happens to have duty again today. Last time he had it was the day before Mother's Day. I am starting to think his unit hates him and his little family too. Thankfully this time he'll be home by 9pm instead of 6am like last time. I will post more "prep work" pictures tomorrow or Monday. I don't want to ruin anything for Daddy.

Tristan was officially 9 months old yesterday! I guess my standing prediction was wrong. He's getting better, but he's so curious about his surroundings that his desire to try and stand up on his own is pretty much nil. Standing requires being still... that's not Tristan's idea of a good time. Ugh... I need to go grocery shopping :P BOOOOO!!!!!

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