More New Stuff

We have been wanting a new dining room table for quite some time now. Ours is waaaaay too small... we can't even fit food on it :P So anyway, we found one at Sam's that has a flip-out leaf and came with 8 chairs for an awesome price. Wooohooo! Plus it really goes well with our living room furniture!

Also... I did my best to get a shot of Tristan's new top teeth. You can see 3 of them! He has one more hiding out under his lip.


Britni said…
I see them I see them! Toothy boy!

I love your new table! Mark & I have never hd a table to eat at...hahaha. We have been living together for like 7 years & have never had a dinning table. We were soooo happy when Mark's parents gave us their very sentimental table that they have had since Mark was born. We love it & it can fit 6 chairs with both leaves in it.

Your house is very cute by the way. I love the open floor plan & your kitchen really nice too!
Haley Elizabeth said…
I love the table. I really want a new table to. Mine is my grandma's old one. which is great, but it just seems like it's more of a dininig room one not for everyday use in our kitchen. I want one very similar to yours. ONce we get a bigger place sometime in the near future we hope. I'll buy one.
As for now I guess I just have to deal with what we have haha.
Aww teeth! Gotta love them :)

I love your house and floorplan to. You guys got really lucky with such great army housing. I know Navy housing is not that great!

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