SURPRISE!!! ::throws up::

Well, I guess it's not bad enough to puke. It's 99% confirmed that Josh will be leaving for 6 months to Kuwait starting in August (that's 6 weeks). The money will be nice. So far that's all I've come up with for positives. My list of negatives is like a mile long, but I will keep that to myself. I hate holidays anyway. Oh well! I'm sure it will go by really fast. When all is said and done we'll have enough money to get our land or whatever and blah blah blah. It sucks, but what can you do?


Haley Elizabeth said…
Allie, I'm sorry to hear about Josh getting deployed. You guys have been separated enough! That is horrible them doing it AGAIN! Your such a trooper. You will do fine. I hope things change and he doesn't have to go for you and the kids sake.
Vita said…

happy birthday to you from our dear military.


(do i have your current address? or is it updated with amazon?)
Jennifer said…
That sucks. It's really hard to have emotions about it that aren't negative, so I'm glad you found a positive. You have a great attitude about it. Better than I would!

Rachel said…
I am SO sorry that really sucks!!I am sure you feel like you just got him back and now he is leaving again!! The army can be so lame...
Beth & Dave said…
Just hang on to the positives. I really can't understand how difficult it must be on you when these things get thrown up. I'm sure it leaves you feeling like you have little control over your life. I being a control freak probably wouldn't handle it well. You are a great mother though and like you said it will go by fast.

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