Long Overdue

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I live a pretty busy life, yet somehow it manages to not seem blog-worthy. My mom just came to visit me for my birthday (early... it's not until June 18th). We hadn't seen each other for over a year. TOO LONG! I was so glad she came to visit. We had a few late night conversations about our favorite topic: religion. She's pretty much the only person who I get that deep with on the topic. She understand me, I understand her... we're both really spiritual, but not religious. I really missed those conversations. When she left I felt like I had nothing to worry about. The things I had been worrying about were so trivial and pointless... politics and whatnot. I mean, what time do I really have to worry about that?! Granted, I will always have an opinion and I'll be an activist. But, I really would rather not worry about the state of the nation as much as I have been. I will worry about what I can control.

Noah's been talking a lot lately, though not really in coherent words haha. I've been doing a little sign language and some Spanish with him. He signs "I love you" and "more". I play with him at night and say no no I love YOU more. It's just too cute to explain. The words sound a little more like "Walu shoooe" but to me it's perfectly clear. And then he gives me kisses and a hug. Every night he says goodnight (nye) and waves bye and blows a kiss to the picture of him & daddy on the wall. He's just been such a blessing. It's like ovenight he started mimicking my sounds, though. I think he'll be talking any day now. YAY! Mom says the way he jabbers on he's going to be one of those babies that never stops talking. I love that, just like mommy and daddy! We are always saying something (mostly me).

Things are going really well with the hub. He is going to the soldier of the month board on the 15th and then next month he's got the promotion board. Then he'll finally have the rank (Sergeant) to go with his knowledge and personality and drive. Well, actually in my opinion he acts more like a sergeant first class, but I guess I can give the Army time ;) He's about to start online college and he got a scholarship to cover whatever tuition assistance won't. I've been especially proud of him lately. He doesn't seem to focus so much on all the crap around him. He's just really focused on the future and what he can do now to make our lives better. How freakin' sexy awesome is that?! ;)

I've got a new roommate, Jen. She's going to be here until September trying to save up some money so she can get a really good base to be on her own. I am really glad to be able to help her. She is a great person and she's considerate and hilarious so I think this will be an easy time for both of us. She just got out of the Air Force not too long ago. It's hard to start over and she's been working her little butt off! She deserves a break, imo.

OH! One last thing. 3 old friends found me on Myspace all in the same week! I was so shocked... all people I actually wanted to hear from too. I love when that happens :) Those few occasions are why I even keep myspace. It's pretty lame, but everyone is on there so it's a great way to keep in touch. Posted by Picasa
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