Cutest Baby Ever

We had a great weekend. All my friends came over for a BBQ and Noah was a little angel. Then he was an even bigger angel on Father's Day (aka my birthday) and he was helping me out around the house and giving me lots of kisses and hugs. We got to talk to Josh on the webcam and Noah kept waving and smiling and laughing. He tried to sign "I love you" (which I'm glad Josh got to see because it's hilarious) and he blew daddy kisses and said "BYE" about a million times. I'm pretty sure we gave Josh a good Father's Day. As good as we could!

I gave Noah a haircut today so he looks all old again. He loves it though because he thinks he's older than he actually is. Which is fine because that's how I treat him. Anyway I just thought I'd share my happiness and cuteness with everyone now that I finally have a camera again!!! :D Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee. Posted by Picasa

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