nothing goes as planned

They called me at work to let me know that Noah had fallen asleep on the floor, looked a little purple, had diahrreah, didn't eat, threw up and was very lethargic and whiney. So, I left work to go rescue my poor little man. Problem is, this is corporate America so now I have to either flex the time while Josh is home or use vacation hours before Josh comes home. So, I will not be able to attend my sister's baby shower. Had I gone to the ER and wasted 4 hours for them to tell me "he's got the flu, it's going around" then I could log it as sick hours with my handy dandy Dr. note. I am not going to stress about it too much. But, talk about timing.

I got him home and he immediately passed out in his crib, not even a minute later... it's almost scary. I am not scared, though, because I JUST HAD THIS over the weekend. I know it's only going to be this bad for one day, but the whole crappy feeling will last about 3... a little more. I'm glad I already had it so A) I know how he feels and I know what would make him feel better and B) I won't catch it while Josh is home. Another good thing... it's going to be out of this house by time Josh gets here so he won't contract it and have to travel with the stomach flu, or so we hope.

I hate only having 2 weeks with him. There's so many things we can't control that we have to try and control because we have so few days together. Even my cycle... sorry if that was TMI for everyone, but it's frustrating to not be able to relax and to have to worry about nature ruining what little time we have... sicknesses and otherwise. Regardless, however... sick or otherwise I know that just being together will make everything perfect because that's all we can think about.

I've been going crazy just imagining and planning and thinking. I've been all emotional. I'm remembering again how great it is to have him home and I am DYING for him to get here and dreading him leaving again at the same time. It's hard to explain. I won't think about him leaving while he's here... we'll enjoy each other and just be happy. But, that reality is there and we can't be a normal married couple. I can't tell you how exciting it will be to finally have him here and actually have the opportunity to get annoyed with him! To be around each other so much we need a damn break. I can't wait. Just thinking about it makes me cry. Am I ever going to have that again? The Army has him for 5 more years.

I will never take him or this marriage for granted again. Neither of us will.
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