it's morning... again

My throat is KILLING ME! I am fairly certain that the coughing and the achiness and the runny noses that Noah and have had this past week is due to allergies. Why? because it gets better throughout the day and then worse again at night. So, it's indoor allergies... my solution?

The Aprilaire indoor air cleaner. We also need our ducts and crap cleaned out. I doubt it has EVER been done and the house is nearly 25 years old. So, that's what's on my menu today. Air cleaner shopping and air duct cleaning pricing or whatnot and also I am going to get a Dyson. I still want windows really bad too :P At least I'm not talking about shoes!! This is responsible spending... right? ok we're outta here.

i need bras too yuk... i hate bra shopping :/
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