saving is for losers anyway

I won a brand new Panasonic M53 DVD camcorder on ebay complete with 3 DVD's for $355. I am pretty proud of myself for that. I did quite a bit of research. I think I got a great deal.

I also finally settled on a contractor to come put in new windows and a new sliding glass door. The horrid condition of our current windows simply cannot be tolerated any longer. They're single pane aluminum with no seals, no screens and most don't have locks. I feel unsafe. Plus my gas/elec bill is more than for a home twice the size and twice the population of mine. SCREW THAT! A couple times that damn bill got up to $250+ in the summer... ridonkulous. Call me crazy, but I feel another hot hot summer coming on. Shit, I need to get the AC in the Honda fixed... oh and tinted windows. Saturday. Sorry, just thinking and typing.

So goes the boringness of my life. Saddest part is that I am extremely excited about both. I did a lot of research and freakin made some great decisions. I also planned it well so it's not going to interfere with paying off the bills and saving. Yay me :)

I hope I get a merit raise. I just had my 2 year review this month. 2 years already... I can't believe it. Noah turned 19mos yesterday. What's up with time flying?! Not that I mind, means Josh gets home faster, but still... DANG!

Hey Josh!! I decided to mess with the camera again today and I eventually got it to work! :D
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