Medina Lake

This is a picture I took up at Medina Lake. So shocked something this pretty is in San Antonio-ish area. Mayhaps I misunderestimated San Antonio. I have been exploring a lot more recently. I think I am finally accepting that I actually do live here and I need to make it home as much as possible. I'm still holding out for Europe, though. Sigh... I want to be in Europe so freakin' badly. 3 years is fine, it's not too long, it's perfect. I'll be happy with wherever we go as long as I've finally got Josh back with me, but I would definitely prefer a change of scenery.

My logic is screaming at me right now about my job and money and savings. It's telling me to shut the hell up, I don't realize how good we have it here. Know what, logic?!??!! I do realize it. I know how hard it can be. I know people would die to have it this good. Yet, I think we'd have it good anywhere!!! SO HA! Everything is what you make of it. OK, so we won't have as much money but who the hell cares. The bills will be gone and even the car could be paid off depending on how we work it. I've worked for the good money for exactly what purpose I should have, to pay shit off. It's getting paid off. What reason is there to keep doing this? I am sooooo tired of this job. If my mom would have asked me to choose between moving to Europe for a few years or being able to go to an expensive college I think I would have chosen Europe. Then again what do I know I haven't really gone to college. Vita... what would you have said?

Anyway... I will save this conversation for the big homecoming. Just typing as I think. Posted by Picasa
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