Hikes and Home Improvements

Friday after music class I had plans with Mama C to go for a hike.  Neither one of us were in the mood.  We were both blah thanks to completely depressing and justifiable reasons, but we decided to stop moping around and get outside after all.  The boys were in good moods, which helped.  

20120302 8346
20120302 8345

We snapped a few shots of the old civil war bunkers on the way to the trails.  This time I had an accomplice so I actually had the guts to go inside.  The skeletal remains of a cat definitely freaked me out at first!  Then I got all close to it to take moody pictures haha.

20110921 11541
20120302 14108

The weather wasn't great and it got colder as we walked, but we finally made it as close as legally possible to the Villafranca Castle.  One more "must see" to cross off my list.  After three years of looking at that stinkin' thing from miles and miles away, I finally saw it up close and personal.

20120302 8328
20120302 8332
20120302 8334
20120302 14120
20120302 8331

It was a pretty hike, but we timed it horribly and had to run back to catch the kids off the bus, which was not fun for the boys.  We also got to deal with Brennan's 2yr old mood swings the whole time since he was woken up from a nap in the van when we arrived.  Car naps are the worst.  Goober was much more accommodating and patient than myself.  It's good to have friends ;)

20120302 14111
20120302 8339
20120302 8337

The satellites at ESAC were quite impressive as well.  It was cool to be on the opposite side of all my previous pictures.  I was standing near the red & white electrical tower last time I took a picture of that satellite, and now it's waaaaay in the background.

20120302 8329

Saturday we spent the morning cleaning and running errands.  We had a few visitors and I got to offload a bunch of baby stuff to Laura, who was uber happy.  Josh and I went out on a date that night (again you say? yes, we know we're spoiled).  When we got home at 4am everyone was still awake playing Super Mario Bros. on the wii.  Awesome!!!  They all slept in, including us, on Sunday.  We finally got moving at like 1pm.

20120303 8352
March 4th - 20120304 8350

Since Joshua and I were both raised to leave a place better than when you arrived, we have a lot of work ahead of us before the move.  The first task was to fix the bathroom sink and toilet... not an easy task.  Spanish plumbing is not the same as American plumbing, but my amazing genius husband figured it out nonetheless.  No more wobbly toilet and sink!!!  YAY! :)

20120304 8347

Hopefully next weekend we'll get out.  Josh is going to take some time off to work on the house during the week, but the weekends are hopefully going to be for some more family adventures.
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