Rookie of the Year, Turning 30, and Summer Has Begun!

It's been a while! Quite a bit has happened, but I will just brief everyone on the big events :) Noah's baseball team won the championship game and Noah was named "Rookie of the Year" by his coach. Noah was so thrilled he forgot his certificate at the field :/ Luckily a friend of mine grabbed it for me. Sigh. I took tons of pics since it was the big game. They all got little trophies and certificates, pizza, soda, chips. They played so well! I haven't heard about baseball since. Noah's on to nagging incessantly about the swimming pool. Hooray!

I turned the big 3-0. Not a big deal. Josh and I celebrated a few days early. He made me feel like Pretty Woman and spoiled the ever-lovin' crap out of me, which I allowed since this is the first birthday in 8 years we weren't broke. He got a sitter, rented a mercedes, gave me new dresses and purses, took me to the top floor of a 5 star hotel, made dinner and club reservations at 2 amazing places. Then he hands me a card and inside is a confirmed itinerary for my little brother to come to Spain. Best night ever!! Unfortunately, Josh was only home for a couple days before going back to Italy, but it was amazing!! He really loves me :)

20110611 6442

On my actual birthday I went to my friend's house for a BBQ and stayed there all day long until like 11pm. It was amazing. The kids entertained each other and were actually good. The grown ups got to talk. We all relaxed. I got a sweet new coffee mug, a birthday song, and a cake from a bunch of adorable kids. Who could ask for anything more? All my boys got sunburned from swimming and Noah won't stop peeling skin off of himself. So I had 2 fantabulous birthdays because that's what turning 30 is all about... right? ;)

20110618 6433

20110618 6431

20110618 6426

I have begun the arduous task of cleaning the pool out. The trick is accomplishing all of this while keeping the boys away from harm. Nigh impossible. I tried a baby pool and water guns. No dice. Not when the big pool is right there, a nice inviting shade of turquoise speckled with rotting leaves and dead algae. Fun fun fun. I hit a snag after nearly finishing the vacuuming, the pump stopped working. I dug all the pebbles out of it, thinking that was the culprit... nope. I was going to take it apart today until I looked inside and there's an epic Indiana Jones sized centipede living in there. Major girl moment. I still shiver when I think of it :P Unless centipede moves out, Josh will be fixing it when he gets back.

20110617 6438

I'm glad school is out. I don't HAVE to wake up early anymore!! The sun sets at 10:30pm and the kids are allowed to stay up past 10 every night. They sleep 'til 9!! That's good enough for me. I just have to make it through the next 2 weeks and then Josh will be back and Ben will be here and awaaaaay we go! Don't know where, but it'll be more fun than baby wrangling here at home.

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