November in Pictures

I was so busy being lazy blogging about last month that I never got to talk about this month!  We have been spending all the time we can outdoors.  The nights are cold, sometimes the days are rainy.  If there's sun, we're outside.  It's been a great month, lots of family time.  We listen to music and play games all afternoon.  The boys get filthy every day.

20111113 7760

20111127 7733

20111127 7731

20111125 7740

20111113 7767

20111125 7746

20111127 7727

When we're not outside, we're doing some fun cooking inside or watching a movie together by the fire, or watching the rain.  We love "build your own pizza" dinner days!!  We build our own salads/pizzas/wraps at least twice a month.  The kids love picking out their own veggies :)

20111103 7775

20111115 7753

Jamie and her boys are over every day.  We keep each other company and staying home saves a whole lot of money!  We have a great time together, and so do our boys.  Alex is almost walking and is the cutest little wobbly thing.  They'll be leaving very soon so... I don't want to talk about it.

20111103 7773

20111115 7755

I've also been obsessively cleaning and organizing things (nooooo, I'm not pregnant).  Being stuck in the house always makes me want to clean.  We also got all our huge fire logs all chainsawed down and stacked onto the porch.  The boys helped stack :)

20111112 7768

20111104 7772

20111128 7723

Thanksgiving was a huge success.  We had 16 people here (6 of them mini) and we had more than enough over-indulgent deliciousness to go around.  We played a lot of games, had a lot of fun, drank quite a bit of wine, and ate a metric ton of food.  It was a fantastic day!  So fantastic that I didn't touch my camera except to take a picture of the Ring-Necked Parakeets that were eating my almonds.

20111125 7741

Josh had that Friday off so we got all our Christmas stuff put up.  The house looks all cheery and festive now.

20111125 7739

20111125 7738

That's about it!!  Bring on December!  We already got half the Christmas shopping done and have the rest all planned out.  It's going to be a very Happy Holiday! :)
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